Letter: Thanks to the New Orleans Advocate

On a recent plane trip back to New Orleans, having finished my novel (Toni Morrison’s “Home,” which I highly recommend), I was glancing over the accustomed accolades in the front of the text. What I noticed were the number of cities far smaller and less interesting than my own which were cited for their reviews of the novel.

I am delighted that the first Sunday edition of The New Orleans Advocate, to which we now subscribe, features book reviews, something The Times-Picayune has abandoned. I only wish the page were more expanded and had the input of Susan Larson, who did a brilliant job of organizing the page for the Picayune. A calendar of upcoming literary events would be worthwhile, too.

Still, I am delighted that one newspaper serving New Orleans recognizes the rich literary tradition of Louisiana and the South.

Peter Cooley, director

creative writing, Tulane University