Letter: We need women in politics

Where are the women?

With recent news circulating about candidates jumping into the 5th Congressional District race, I noticed something odd about the list of prospective and declared candidates ... they were all men.

A quick look at at the state Legislature will show a small (and getting smaller) woman presence. Our current congressional delegation and all statewide elected positions (with the exception of one senator) all are men.

So far in the 2016 Senate election the GOP has only come up with a few unexciting male candidates. I am not suggesting that women should just be given an office, but I do question in 2013 why aren’t more women involved in Louisiana politics?

Women account for half of the population, why aren’t at least half of elected officials women? Most women politicians in Louisiana tend to be Democrats. As a Republican, this annoys me. When people say the GOP is a party of old white guys, it is not a stereotype; unfortunately in Louisiana, it’s a fact.

Garrett Fabacher

student, UL Lafayette