Letter: For roosters, rescue not so good

The article on page 5A of the Aug. 15 The Advocate, “Hundreds of fighting birds found in N.O. East,” gave me pause. The SPCA decries the horrid blood sport in which the cockfighting roosters engage. The journalist covering the story and the SPCA source bemoan in great detail the spacious, climate-controlled sheds, automatic watering systems and other cruel and unseemly treatment. They seem saddened that, “The roosters were in good shape, all healthy and well cared for.”

Or rather, they were in good shape until the outraged consciences of the SPCA stirred to action. “The organization rescued 104 from a West Bank breeder last year, and each had to be euthanized, according to Amanda Pumilia, the SPCA’s animal control supervisor. Most of those rescued (emphasis mine) Wednesday will likely suffer the same fate.” How’d you like to be a hostage having to depend on these guys as your last hope? Whoa, baby and bathwater.

Rescuing (emphasis mine) these poor animals is of such import that the SPCA is already brow-beating the Legislature to up the animal cruelty penalties to felonies, so as to better reflect the “we know better than you” mandate.

Now, these “air-conditioned” chickens might be higher priced meat than usually graces our Sunday dinner table, but it’s just splitting hairs. Not to put too fine a point on it, but doesn’t Tyson Foods dispatch millions of chickens every day just to keep up with chicken McNugget sales? So, it must be the gambling “thing” (oops, my error, there’s no gambling in Louisiana) It must be the “gaming” thing which prompts the Legislature to hold them in such high regard.

Heaven save us from those who would doom us all to perdition with a clear conscience just to help them feel better about themselves.

Lee McGee

retired horticulturist

New Iberia