Our Views: Germond will be missed

The death of political journalist Jack Germond at 85 inspired some nice memories of Germond’s special connection to Louisiana.

Germond, best known for his syndicated column and his work as a panelist on public TV’s “The McLaughlin Group,” lived in Baton Rouge for several years during his youth, graduating from Baton Rouge High School and briefly attending LSU.

Although he left Louisiana for a journalism career than made him a fixture of the Washington political scene, Germond’s libertine spirit made it easy to believe that he had Louisiana ties. He loved food, drink and frequent visits to the race track.

Germond was unabashedly liberal, but many Americans of all political stripes were fond of Germond’s rumpled appearance on television.

It was a welcome alternative to the pretense that so often taints that medium.

Even in retirement, Germond continued a modest broadcast presence, participating in long-distance phone interviews about politics on Baton Rouge’s “The Jim Engster Show” on pubic radio.

We’ll miss hearing Germond’s gravelly voice. He was, at heart, a newspaperman who didn’t pretend to be anything more.

Germond insisted on thorough reporting rather than mere pontification.

The journalism world today needs more of that.