Letter: Renewable energy is our future

I am writing in response to a letter on July 9 from Michael J. Oliver, chief executive officer of the Committee of 100, a pro-industry lobby. The letter is titled: “Louisiana on the cusp of a new era” and celebrates three major ways in which current industry is ushering a new era of prosperity to Louisiana. I beg to differ.

Granted, there may be short-term revenue boosts to Louisiana business. And these industries will offer lower gas and oil prices to Louisianans.

However, most of the industries mentioned are carbon-fuel based. These include fracking natural gas from the Haynesville shale, deep sea drilling and the first offshore liquefied natural gas fueling facility in the United States.

Simple chemistry reveals that whenever gasoline, natural gas or liquefied natural gas is burned, carbon dioxide is produced.

There is no such thing as “clean natural gas.” There is no longer any question that global warming from carbon dioxide emissions is raising sea levels. Other catastrophes, such as food shortages, loom.

We and our descendants will all pay in the long run for the continued wanton exploitation of carbon-based fuels.

When New Orleans real estate values start falling because of imminent, permanent flooding, the short-term profits will be rued. A better use of our limited resources would be to focus on renewable energy.



New Orleans