Letter: Obituaries are important to people too

While a “heads up” is generally appreciated and welcomed, I found the notice on the first page of Tuesday’s Advocate very insensitive and disrespectful.

It is appreciated that The Advocate is advising readers that the obituaries will now be located in the second section of the newspaper. However, to actually put in writing, “But because the volume of obituaries is unpredictable, they can sometimes crowd out important world and national news.” Really? Crowd out? This sentence is quite distasteful and unsettling.

A deceased loved one “crowding out” important world and national news? When a loved one has died, this is probably more important to friends and family than world and national news events. Who is to judge the importance of events when a loved one has died as to what is more “important”? To belittle the death of a loved one as “crowding out” other worldly news is just disrespectful to the deceased and their loved ones.

Thanks for the update on the new location of the obituaries, but certainly more respectful, tasteful language could have been used by your staff.

Debbie Daniel

education program consultant

Baton Rouge