Letter: Fight Obamacare now

This is pretty rich, from Karl Rove, whose comments basically reflect the views of many other Republicans in Name Only, such as Sen. John McCain, R. Ariz.; Sen. Tom Coburn, R. Okla.; columnist Charles Krauthammer; Sen Richard Burr, R-N.C., etc, on defunding Obamacare:

“For congressional Republicans, the challenge is to keep the upper hand provided by their strategy of passing continuing resolutions at current levels to fund the government. They must not overreach.”

So let me get this straight. To continue to cave to the socialistic “progressives” on every spending increase (whether through debt ceiling increases or endless continuing resolutions) is “keeping the upper hand?” This is a strategy?

Apparently “overreach” is actually standing firm to at least attempt to rid America of the cancer that is Obamacare, at which is likely the last chance before it becomes an entrenched entitlement next year, when the exchanges/subsidies take firm root. Long odds? Not necessarily, if the Republicans would unite and do what they’ve promised to do since the 2010 midterms, notwithstanding the many repeal votes that they have taken in the interim. None of those votes were attached to anything real. They were stand-alone votes as political posturing to say, “See? We’re serious about repealing the health care law.”

But now is the time to do something real, something that has teeth, and they are running for cover. The excuse of being blamed for the dreaded government shutdown really just shows that their allegiance is only to being re-elected, not saving our economy/liberty. Our allegiance should be to the latter, and thus to only electing/re-electing those willing to fight for it, and actively opposing those who refuse to do so.

A “government shutdown” would be a phony “crisis,” blamed on Republican defunders, but manufactured by Obama et al. Speak truth to this lie and do what’s right. Avoiding this fight now while cowering in fear guarantees defeat in the Obamacare fight and doesn’t guarantee Republicans’ re-election anyway. Even if it did, what good are they to us if they won’t stand up and fight for us?

Do not accept any more of this pablum. Big unions want out, the IRS union wants out, the Congress and its staff have all but gotten out (their premiums will now be taxpayer-funded to the tune of about 70 percent). And the president has already unilaterally, and unlawfully, excused the employer mandate for a year (to get through the midterm elections before the heavy damage kicks in).

Call your senator and congressman daily, and tell them to defund this now, no excuses. Follow their positions at dontfundit.com.

The fight against Obamacare is now .... not next year, not after the next election, now. Absent that, the Republican symbol of the elephant should be exchanged for a plain white flag.

Mike Thibodeaux


Baton Rouge