Letter: Thanks for defeat of GSRI name change

I am writing this letter to personally thank the members of the Planning Commission and the Metro Council for doing the right thing and voting against the proposed street name change of GSRI Avenue several months ago. Too often, the entity with the most money or biggest political clout gets its way, regardless of whether the action is needed or is baseless and will hurt those with less fortunes.

Indeed, some Council members even confirmed they were in favor of the name change only because LSU and its director of the Louisiana Business and Technology Center wanted the street name to be changed. The bottom line for the proposed change was succinctly described by councilman Trae Welch: the LBTC wanted to change the name to reflect their business, while GSRC moved to this location in 1998 because it reflected our business (i.e., they wanted what we have).

The council noted the lack of quantifiable evidence of the purported benefits of the name change and the substantial direct and real and quantifiable costs to our small business. Councilmembers Ronnie Edwards, Chauna Banks-Daniels and Tara Wicker were also very supportive in the dismissal of this change. They are very knowledgeable of the issues that face small businesses and understood that this would adversely impact us financially.

Now the same group has brought up this issue to the Planning Commission again. I am hoping that we get the same results. With everything happening in Baton Rouge, there are more important issues requiring public funds than changing street names. The Planning Commission will now have to hear the same arguments again as they did last winter.

I know many people in Baton Rouge are not interested in this issue, but we at GSRC are very passionate about this proposed name change, as our livelihood and future depends on it.

We are GSRC on GSRI and very proud of it.

Suna Adam Knaus, president

Gulf South Research Corp.

Baton Rouge