Letter: Consider victims, not murderers

If those inmates who filed a federal law suit because of the temperature on death row had followed the laws of the Constitution, they wouldn’t be on death row to begin with. Why didn’t they think of the consequences of their actions before murdering innocent individuals? At least they have cooler weather to look forward to. What do the victims of their actions have to look forward to?

Instead of touring the prison, the judge should think about touring the cemetery where all four relatives of inmate Nathaniel Code are buried. Another of the inmates filing the suit, James C. Magee, murdered his estranged wife and their 5-year-old son. How inhumane was this action? One would think that these inmates filing this suit would be more concerned about the lives they took and the discomfort their victims must have suffered.

Consider the employees who work outdoors in this heat every day, some of whom experience a higher heat index, such as DOTD employees, who work near asphalt roads and highways, garbage collectors, mail carriers, etc. These are innocent, working individuals, who make no excuses or complaints about the weather. What a dichotomy.

As I have said before, no inmate should be on death row for 20-25 years before they are executed. Appeals should be limited to two to five years, especially with the discovery of DNA. Less time spent on death row would alleviate crowding, save money and so on. What other complaints are we going to listen to from these convicted murderers? Wake up, Louisiana, and stop coddling these vicious murderers.

Where is the sympathy and consideration for the innocent victims. You must realize that no one wants to die. Every day you hear and read about plea bargains in exchange for not receiving the death penalty. The death penalty does deter crime — let’s use it! Don’t allow these absurd distractions to lose sight of the fact that when you take a life, you must pay the penalty. Let’s have justice for the victims and stop being sidetracked by these trumped-up excuses for mercy for these death-row inmates.

Lynne Marino

retired administrative assistant