Letter: Football outweighs justice in court

Let down again.

My judicial system has failed me again. Having been in the judicial system myself going on 26 years as a probation officer and detention administrator, it hurts me badly to see justice so unfairly administered.

I guess carrying a football and putting behinds in a stadium puts you above the law. For over 25 years, I have seen individuals on probation violate probation and immediately placed in jail until another hearing is held.

The decision made by the judge this past week was a slap in the face to all victims of crime. What message is being sent to the community with decisions like this being made?

I wonder how she would feel if her child was sucker-punched like that and the perpetrator celebrated the way he did.

In watching this young man step to the lectern and watch him make his apologies to his coaches, teammates and fans, not one time did he apologize to the victim or family. It is a sad day when football overshadows justice. I hope the judge enjoys whatever perks she will receive on the decision she made.

Robert Newman


Baton Rouge