Letter: BR has the talent to help CATS

The city of Baton Rouge has a very effective professional services selection process under the Engineering and Surveyor Selection Board consisting of seven board members.

These qualified board members include engineers and surveyors from the City-Parish Department of Public Works, American Society of Civil Engineers, American Council of Engineering Consults, Louisiana Engineering Society, Louisiana Society of Professional Surveyors, LSU and Southern University.

There is a very prescriptive and transparent procedure for evaluating professional proposals that are followed by the board members under the guidance of the city chief engineer.

The selection is made in public after each member carefully reviews proposals based on a well written request for qualifications having clear metrics.

The CATS board could easily develop a memorandum of agreement/memorandum of understanding with the city to have this very qualified, independent and objective board evaluate and select the most qualified program manager for CATS. Alternatively, the DOTD also has experts in transit that could easily assist in the selection of the most qualified firm.

We should have objective technical experts evaluate proposals that will allow us to obtain the best guidance and advice to move our transit system in Baton Rouge Forward into the 21st century.

Lucila Silva


Baton Rouge