Letter: You don’t have to play golf to enjoy City Park

I don’t use City Park, but I see it. I have never played golf a day in my life, but what is more beautiful than the view of a well-maintained golf course? City Park Golf Course is gorgeous. Seeing its beauty allows me to have ideas of a luxurious life-style as well as ideas of relaxation, and appreciation for nature.

Don’t property values increase dramatically if the homes are overlooking a golf course? That means a golf course is a very desirable landscape for aesthetic reasons.

According to The Advocate’s article “BREC survey get mixed results on City Park” of June 28, Southern Media and Opinion Research Inc. did a recent survey on City Park. I think the survey was somehow set up incorrectly. The survey results indicate that 50.2 percent of the respondents answered: “I do not use City-Brooks Community Park.”

Does that mean that those who said they never use the park could not weigh in on what action to take about the golf course? I am one of the many thousands in Baton Rouge who do not use City Park and its golf course.

I get immense enjoyment from it without ever setting foot on it. There are several streets adjacent to the City Park Golf Course, and driving by City Park is always a thrill for me. The golf course should remain as it is and not be changed.

Joel D. Thibodeaux

retired social worker

Baton Rouge,