Letter: Religion and science are compatible

May I enter the discourse of religion and science that I see in some of your letters you receive.

Let us go over the basics and we shall see that religion and science are completely compatible and are in agreement. Let us start from the beginning to the end.

In the beginning science tells us that the universe was created from a void or basically nothing by a burst of energy. Religion tells us the universe was created from nothing by a force of energy called the will of God — complete agreement.

Science tells us that our planet was created out of grains of dust.

Religion tells us that this planet and all things including all living things were created basically from dust — complete agreement. Science tells us that cro-magnon, or modern man, looks like us and migrated out of the Middle-East. The Bible tells us that man — man created with a soul — migrated out of the Middle East — agreement.

Science tells us that years from now all matter will decay, including man. Jesus Christ tells us that the heavens and the earth will pass away — complete agreement.

He also adds a minor footnote that those who believe will not pass away but their soul will live forever. It would be wise to ponder this.

Floyd Young

citrus grower