Letter: CATS in total disarray

Wow! The Capital Area Transit System is in total disarray. What a shocker! I mean the tax that was passed last year was supposed to save the bus system in Baton Rouge. It passed on the notion that everyone would pay their share because the homestead exemption did not apply.

Wait a minute, approximately a month after the tax passed, a judge decided that the homestead exemption does apply. The only ones paying are the ones who don’t even use the buses!

I also saw an ad in The Advocate for an application for smart phones that would allow bus riders to use their phones to see when a bus was coming, weather issues etc. Hmmm ... hard to imagine people who need the bus for transportation would even have a smart phone. Oh, maybe it’s one of those free phones provided by the federal government.

Finally there is the CATS board system and all its turmoil, misuse of funds by board members, resignations etc.

Does anyone see a pattern developing here? Oh, wait a second, the tax was suppose to solve the CATS issues. One can easily see how well that worked out

Jeffrey Miller