Letter: We must all become just Americans 

Frequent MSNBC contributor Michael Eric Dyson said more white kids need to die so America can understand what racism is really like. He is a professor at Georgetown University. Why is he still receiving a check from either place?

I am a white man, and I know what racism is. I wore a sheriff’s deputy badge for 13 years in Baton Rouge. I have patrolled the worst neighborhoods in Baton Rouge, never asking what color of skin the person in trouble had; nor have I asked if someone else could catch the call because I don’t serve their kind.

The only color I saw on a scene was red, because that was the color of the blood that had been shed. I can’t recall the number of times that I arrived on a call and was called racist because of the color of my skin.

What Dyson should be saying is that no more kids of any color should have to die and allow our country to forget what racism is.

Dyson’s statement brings to mind what Germans did to the Jews, or what the Spaniards did to the Native Americans, or what the African tribes did to each other. Am I shamed that my great-great-great-grandfather owned a slave or that my great-grandfather wore the white sheets of the KKK? I answer that with a resounding yes, but I know that I have done my best to not look at color and try to encourage people to do the right thing.

The United States will never heal, will never be the true land of opportunity until we are willing to say that we are not African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, or Cajuns, or in my case a Texican because my family has been in Texas since it belonged to Mexico.

We are all Americans.

Norman Clark

Ph.D. student, LSU

Denham Springs