Letter: Zimmerman is not face of racism

The Zimmerman trial dominated the news 24/7 for many weeks. It’s intensified to a hysterical level since the verdict was announced. But this is not another opinion about the case.

My purpose is to point to the irony of the media ignoring a most disturbing daily occurrence — young black men being murdered, not by George Zimmerman, but by other black men!

Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, very vocal on what they consider racial issues, are amazingly silent on this issue. No marches or violent protest are carried out to support the need to eradicate black-on-black murders.

While such crimes increase, there is a “deadly” silence on this abomination.

As long as some Americans prey on the white-black incidents as always being about race, no advance will ever be made to squelch the hate surfacing from such situations. Racism in America has greatly diminished in my lifetime.

That’s a good thing. In virtually every life situation, improvement is needed. Progress could be faster but it’s the race-baiters that stir the embers of hate while never taking a strong stance about black-on-black crime.

It’s time to take a stance. It’s time this deadly cancer is eradicated from the face of society. It’s time to hear the voice of black Americans protesting black people killing black people. It’s time to remove the numbness to the reality of what is happening.

The excuses given for such crimes are a lack of education, job opportunities, poverty and other similar factors. Wake up world! Murder is a personal choice to kill another human being and no level of education, no lack of job opportunities, and no social or economic condition can justify this action. Choice drives our life and those who choose to kill make the choice to do so. It’s really that straightforward.

America will face a newer and brighter future when racism is removed from our society. But to achieve that end, it is imperative that voices and actions rise in protest of black on black killings!

It is imperative that the media, politicians and those who make a living on hate stop their irrational rhetoric and face the reality of what is taking place. The blame game is out of style.

Thomas Sowell, in his July 16 column titled “Is this still America” reveals the truthfulness of what is going on in today’s politically charged atmosphere. But that is a position dissenters of his thoughts are unwilling to accept while they totally ignore the senseless killings all around them.

Billy Arcement

leadership consultant