Letter: ACT scores not all that great

Re: “ACT scores lauded,” front page, July 18.

One of my favorite T-shirts reads — “If you don’t like the results, manipulate the data.”

Louisiana Superintendent of Education John White is bragging about the 11,000 students who took the ACT and the 3,600 who got a composite score of 18 or higher.

A score of 18 won’t qualify a student for TOPS and isn’t good enough for LSU or UNO admission.

And Tulane reports that an ACT score of 28 is the score the majority of successful students have at their institution.

Additionally, Allen Grove, editor of the College Admissions Guide, states that a college won’t be considered highly selective if students are required to have an ACT composite score of 19 or less.

You’d think the superintendent of education would be aware of these facts and not try to simply justify his questionable educational reforms by inflating the data (including scores of 18) for a news blitz.

Bottom line, a composite score of 18 won’t get a student into any average or top-rated schools in this state or nationwide, and White knows that. If he doesn’t, he needs to do the research.

Jim Anderson

retired, director of accountability/assessment for New Orleans public schools