Our Views: Build summer swim skills

Last year, 528 youngsters learned to swim at pools operated by the Baton Rouge Recreation and Park Commission — a big plus for children who now have the ability to participate in a common rite of summer.

But beyond its promise of pleasure, swimming is also an important safety skill, and we applaud BREC for working closely with the YMCA on swimming lessons.

“I often say that we have so much water in this parish, that you need to learn how to swim,” said BREC Superintendent Carolyn McKnight. In a recent meeting with Advocate writer The postage stamp has showcased famous and less-famous people, causes and anniversaries. Weatherwise magazine showcased stamps that also include the story of anthropogenic climate change. The earliest example of climate change to be recognized on a stamp was Horace de Saussure who was known for his contributions to meteorology and the development of an early hygrometer. In 1978, the Ivory Coast issued a stamp commemorating the work of Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius. In the mid 1890s, Arrhenius argued that atmospheric carbonic acid and other trace gasses influence the Earth’s radiative balance, showcasing early examples of global temperature through the greenhouse effect. In 1958, Charles Keeling measured CO2 concentrations at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, now known as the “Keeling Curve” and in 2006, a stamp depicted his accomplishment. Fastcast: Showery


TODAY: AM-PM Showers (Rain Icon) 88/71

SUNDAY: Clear Again (Sunny Icon) 92/73

MONDAY: Less Humid (Partly Cloudy Icon) 92/74

TUESDAY: Showery (Scattered Showers Icon) 93/74

WEDNESDAY: Showery (Scattered Showers Icon) 93/75

THURSDAY: Clearing (Sunny Icon) 94/75 s and editors, McKnight said she would like to expand BREC’s swimming program to include neighborhood swimming competitions.

That’s a good idea, especially in underserved communities where so many youngsters lack swimming skills.

We want more children and adults to enjoy swimming in the summer — and to do it safely.