Letter: Group helps BR seniors ‘age in place’

The July 8 edition of The Advocate contained a news item on an $8 million Baltimore research project “to fix up seniors’ homes so they can age in place.”

Since 2004, Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge has been doing exactly what the Baltimore project is seeking to learn more about.

To date, RTBR has helped over 100 senior homeowners with major and minor repairs on their homes. This, in turn, has enabled seniors, and often younger family members living in the dwelling, to remain in a house that is truly “home.”

The request for services from RTBR far outpaces our capacity to respond. Like many nonprofits,we fight the constant battle of facing more need than funding to meet the needs. I only wish that the $8 million being used for research in Baltimore could be distributed to the 200 RBT affiliates that work in major metropolitan areas across the U.S. I think it would be a good return on investment, since our research has shown that every $1 invested with Rebuilding Together generates a $4 return in value.

I wanted to let your readers know that when it comes to helping senior citizens “age in place,” Baton Rouge and the surrounding area is already engaged, in very practical ways, to make this happen through the work of Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge.

Chris H. Andrews, executive director

Rebuild Together Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge