Letter: Recovery District fails — again

The standardized testing scores have arrived. Although professional educators know standardized testing has very little to do with the quality of education students are receiving, the numbers are the method the governor has chosen to measure success.

The Recovery District is, once again, a failure. The state is persistently and continuously less-successful in increasing student achievement, even by its own standards, than are the local boards. Gov. Bobby Jindal’s and state Superintendent John White’s grand plan to privatize public education and have children taught and administrated by amateurs, including White, instead of teachers is one very expensive failure.

The percentage of students in New Orleans Recovery District schools scoring “proficient” is 38 percent. An abysmal F. Those schools run by the local elected board scored at 68 percent proficient, much more acceptable but not excellent. In the East Baton Rouge Recovery District the “proficient” students were only 17 percent while 49 percent of students in the much-maligned board-run schools scored proficient. That is not great, but better, especially considering the refusal of the Jindal administration to deal with the societal causes of school failure and his persistent defunding of programs that improve their lives, and therefore the achievement of children.

There is only one conclusion to which an educated person can arrive given these statistics. According to the standards set forth by the state, the local boards do a much better job of educating children than the Recovery District does! The Recovery District is an abysmal failure and the only solution is to return the schools they absconded with to the districts before many children are harmed and so those districts can heal the children as only real teachers know how.

Rhonda Browning


Baton Rouge