Letter: Plan to raise I-10 a potential folly

Our street designers have showed a real lack of common sense in many projects, two of the latest being the completion of the four-lane patch of Highland Road between Blue Bayou and Airline, and the four lanes of Siegen from Highland to Oak Hills, both of which have sections that accumulate about a foot of water in one lane during heavy rains, making them impassable and dangerous.

After enough accidents, they’ll probably have to come back and raise both sections to what they should have been in the first place, at an extreme cost, compared to just doing it right in the fist time around.

Now, having made the mistake of making Interstate 10 too low in Laplace (sound familiar?), they want to raise it 15 inches. Of course, the cost is going to be astronomical, compared to doing it right a long time ago when it was first built.

We’ve come to expect such nonsense from them, but now, all common sense is out the window because they want to do the repairs from July to September, which means shutting down vital evacuation lanes in the middle of hurricane season.

And the capper is, they show a picture of the flooded section. Why was it flooded? Because of a hurricane.

Without even mentioning that this is the peak time for tourists traveling to and from New Orleans, does anyone else see the potential folly of this plan? I’m a little tired of all of the brainless mistakes these people make, so next year, let’s have a special tax collected so we can send them all to see the Wizard of Oz.

Richard Harris

food safety specialist

Baton Rouge