Letter: Workforce Commission disaster

I am a practicing CPA in Louisiana and have been for over 40 years. My clients and I, by the first quarter of 2014, will be required electronically to file quarterly reports with the Louisiana Workforce Commission. I thought I’d get a jump on the process by registering and filing second quarter reports for my clients and my corporation. After over two hours of attempting to file, I gave up.

I successfully did apply for and received my agent’s ID number. When attempting to load my first client’s data into the system is where all hell broke loose. I attempted to secure assistance from the LaWorks website — it was an unmitigated disaster!

Folks, there are absolutely no human beings alive and working at LaWorks in Baton Rouge. Never was I able to speak with a real person. The “help,” offered in English if you press 1 or Spanish if you marke’ duo, does not permit human interaction. I do not speak Spanish, so perhaps the explanation in that language is more helpful — the English version is not.

After several attempts to access the electronic assistance, I visited the LaWorks physical office here in Lafayette. I was told by an agent that no one in that office could help me, I would have to contact the offices in Baton Rouge — by telephone. A rereading of “Alice in Wonderland” is hereby required by all Louisiana residents and taxpayers. The agent also suggested that I contact my representatives.

I attempted to do so. Calls to both Sen. Paige Cortez and Rep. Joel Robideaux were answered by automated systems. No response yet in over a half hour’s wait.

If Curt Eysink’s annual salary is more than 50 cents, Louisiana needs to replace the guy. Who is he? Why, the Louisiana Secretary of Labor, of course — the person responsible for this abomination.

Will Rogers was right: “It’s a good thing that we are not getting all the government we are paying for!”

I would be pleased to discuss the contents of this letter with anyone in state government. You name the place and time.

Patrick McCarthy

certified public accountant