Letter: Golf courses caught in price trap

I would like to comment on your article regarding the closure of The Oaks at Sherwood Golf Course and the front nine at the Lakes Course at Pelican Point in Gonzales. Many of these golf course “management” groups would like for us to believe that the sport of golf is not as appealing to the general public and its popularity is on a steady decline, therefore, golf courses are being forced to close.

I, on the other hand, believe that the closures are due to one thing — greed and the almighty dollar. The increase in the price of green fees and cart fees, etc. has made it almost impossible for many people to continue playing golf. This includes senior citizens, such as my husband and myself, who are on fixed incomes.

I also know many young men and women raising children who would love nothing more than to spend the day playing a round of golf, but cannot afford to. These golf course “management” groups can blame the “decline of interest” in the sport of golf on anything they wish, but the real reason they are being forced to closed is not a lack of interest, its just a lack of people who can no longer afford to participate in a sport they love.

Connie Summers

human resources, retired