Letter: Amendments would clean government

With the current state of politics in the United States, I have come to believe we need a couple of constitutional amendments to help our government be more “For and by the people.”

First, we need to reduce the huge amounts of money needed to run for office in this country — over a $1 billion in the last presidential election alone — during a recession.

I would like to see a constitutional amendment that says, “A candidate for elected government office in the United States of America or its states can only accept contributions from people living within the candidate’s proposed jurisdiction before or after the election and cannot accept contributions from corporations — which are man-made entities not people — absolutely no contributions from any type of political fundraising organizations such as political parties, foreign sources, organized crime organizations or any other organization operating outside current United States laws. Penalties can be fines for first-time offenders and forced removal from office for second-time offenders.”

Next, I would like to see a constitutional amendment that says, “No elected official or high-ranking government agency official in the United States of America or its states’ governments can be employed or paid to work as a lobbyist or for a lobbying organization in any capacity for 10 years after leaving elected office or his position in top-level management/administration within a government agency with forfeiture of all salaries or other monies paid for any offender’s first offense and a minimum of five years in a federal prison for any second offenses.”

I believe this would make it more likely for capable, average citizens to run for political office and take the massive pressures off politicians to do as their big financial donors want politicians to do.

Craig Dupuy

retired purchasing agent

Baton Rouge