Letter: Baton Rouge blessed with libraries

This is in response to Michael Coyle’s letter saying that libraries are a big waste of money. Apparently Coyle does not realize all the services the library offers for free. I was there when the library helped so many after Katrina in finding assistance, lost relaitives and pets through its free computer service.

How fortunate are the children of our parish to be able to have access to all the free programs the library offers, from ballet to seeing the police dogs and their trainers in action. Adult free programming offers a variety of programs from Cajun dance to meeting Donna Douglas (Ellie Mae Clampett of the “Beverly Hillbillies”). Not everyone can afford a computer. Not only does the library offer free computer use but it also provides free computer classes.

What about the retired patrons who enjoy coming in to read libraries papers and magazines — or just have a place to go? Perhaps they have lost their spouse and this gets them away from their empty house. What about all the free tax forms the library provides? Not everyone can afford computers, books or entertainment. What about jobs for our high school and college students? In my 13 years with the library I felt blessed to have new learning experiences every day, surrounded by a wonderful staff and patrons who still stop me to tell me how much they appreciate the library even though I retired 2½ years ago. I am not worried about the renewal of the library millage in 2015. We are blessed in East Baton Rouge Parish to have one of the best systems in the country.

Susan Tureau

retired library technician

Baton Rouge