Letter: LASwift not a government giveaway

I am so tired of the misconception that the people who use the LA Swift bus service are a group of welfare recipients looking for a government handout. The vast majority of those that use this service are hard-working citizens who use this service to go to work, attend medical appointments or attend school.

While I understand LA Swift was a temporary service created to assist displaced New Orleans residents following Hurricane Katrina, it has become apparent there is a great need for a mass transit system between the two largest cities in our state, i.e. Baton Rouge and New Orleans. We are wasting valuable time talking about installing a high-speed rail that will never come into realization. We currently have in place a form of mass transit that is viable, economical and working — LA Swift.

LA Swift bridges the gap between our state capital and New Orleans by transporting commuters for employment, school, medical appointments and continued hurricane restoration. LA Swift also has a great economic impact on New Orleans, as it transports commuters from the Baton Rouge area to Mardi Gras, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, The French Quarter Festival, Essence Festival and other major activities. In addition, LA Swift connects major universities, and gives commuters airport, bus and train access.

LA Swift also brings areas such as Sorrento, Gonzales and LaPlace into the mainstream. Finally, LA Swift helps eliminate traffic congestion and the emission of gas fumes into our environment.

Stop being bigoted and short-sighted and see the true value of this service.

My philosophy is “Invest in the people and you invest in our future and the future of our great state.”

MiLisa York


St. Gabriel