Letter: Airport foul-up nothing unusual

In further response to Anne Towles’ letter in the Tuesday July 2 edition in regards to the Baton Rouge airport delays at the terminal when arriving.

First of all the title ...“Foul-up at airport embarrassing.” This is not a foul-up, but a regular occurrence. I am a regional manager who flies often. I am from Gonzales and would like to use the Baton Rouge airport as much as possible, but have changed sometimes to New Orleans because of this problem. I see no reason to have to wait sometimes 20-25 minutes once we arrive AT the gate and can’t pull IN the gate because someone is not available to guide us in. This in my opinion is a second-class airport that doesn’t take customer satisfaction seriously.

I would say to the Baton Rouge airport management: Get your act together with increased terminal staff, and make our airport a better place to fly.

Kevin Braud

regional sales manager