Letter: Arts coordinator position essential

The loss of the position of coordinator of fine arts programs in the state Department of Education is of grave concern. This loss could be detrimental to music programs in Louisiana schools, affecting students and teachers alike. Without effective leadership, the standard of arts education could be greatly diminished, robbing the state of a cultural heritage of which we should all be very proud. Among those contributions of leadership are the following:

Consistent implementation of the Louisiana content standards for the arts.

Development and oversight of student assessment and teacher evaluation.

Identification and dissemination of educational resources and research.

Collaboration of arts educators statewide in the creation of model pedagogical guides and materials.

We, as active musicians within the community, recognize the importance of music education in everyone’s life. Creativity and teamwork are integral to the society in which we live and those skills are developed in music programs in our public schools. In the 21st century, the citizens of Louisiana will continue to need the skills that are learned in the disciplined practice and performance of music and other arts.

The children of Louisiana deserve to have access to high-quality programs taught by certified teachers in music and the arts in order to enrich their lives. We believe it is critical to maintain an arts leadership position in the Department of Education.

Marcia Colonius, first vice president

Music Club of Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge