Letter: Foul-up at airport embarrassing

I flew into Baton Rouge airport this past Saturday afternoon on Delta Airlines. Even though we left Atlanta 30 minutes late, the pilot made up 15 minutes, so it was a good flight. We got to the gate area (not actually at a gate) and sat. After a few minutes, the pilot said he couldn’t raise anyone on the radio.

Fifteen minutes later, he said he finally got the tower to help out. However, only one Delta gate was working and there was a plane at it. And they were short-staffed. So we waited another 15 minutes.

How can this happen? And it’s not the first time.

We are spending money out there to expand the airport; we are trying to get another airline but we can’t take care of the business we have here! I don’t know who is responsible, but this reflects on our city, our airport, all of us here. I was embarrassed when the person next to me, who was from out of town, asked if this was normal.

It shouldn’t happen at all.

Anne Towles

retired librarian

Baton Rouge