Letter: We must think about coastal plan

In response to Joe Macaluso’s column in the June 23 Advocate, there are alternatives to building marsh and barrier islands on the southeast Louisiana coastline. The residents of southeast Louisiana are asking the “powers to be” to look at all alternatives, and sit down and discuss all possible solutions so that the best plan can be adopted, rather than just running with the “Master Plan” at hand and spending billions of dollars building massive freshwater diversions that may build coastal marsh in 50-60 years. What will it destroy in the process?

The current Mississippi River is not the same river that built the coastal delta in Louisiana. Just read the articles in your own newspaper regarding the projected size of the “Dead Zone” in the Gulf of Mexico this summer — a dead zone caused by the excessive nitrogen levels that flow south in the Mississippi River and are dumped off the continental shelf.

How can new marsh grow in water that expands the “Dead Zone.” If you look closely at those making the decisions to follow the Master Plan’s massive freshwater diversion, you will find politics as usual in Louisiana. “We” know better than the citizens! Remember the Alamo, or rather. the MRGO!

Alvin J. Callais


Denham Springs