Letter: Don’t cut Medicare Part B rates

I understand that Congress has a lot to deal with, including major budget challenges. We need to reform federal programs that waste dollars and hurt taxpayers’ confidence in our federal government. But we shouldn’t do it on the backs of our most-vulnerable.

Medicare Part B, unlike other Medicare programs, provides patients medicines that require physicians to administer them. This means many of our state and nation’s most-vulnerable patients, including half of the cancer patients and those suffering from other chronic illnesses, count on Medicare Part B.

In 2003, Congress passed some serious reforms to Medicare Part B and, according to the Congressional Budget Office, it has resulted in $16 billion in savings.

I hope our congressional delegation will protect Medicare Part B reimbursement rates and look at other federal programs for reform. We are saving money in Medicare Part B and still keeping people alive with these critical treatments.

Henrietta Jackson, support group coordinator

Louisiana Lupus Foundation

Baton Rouge