Letter: It’s the corporations that scare me

I know everyone is concerned about the latest issue of our government monitoring us thru our internet communications. Since I do not have anything to hide and I am more concerned about killer terrorists who do not play by the “rules” of warfare, I am glad they are trying to watch out for our safety as long as they continue to do it in a law abiding way.

I think the government’s mistake was thinking they could keep it a secret. Today, secrets are “scandals,” but the government did it correctly by having Congress informed. What scares and annoys me the most is what big corporations can do to watch us.

They monitor our e-mails and send us boatloads of unwanted and unsolicited e-mails. To me the scariest is that we don’t even know how much they are watching. On my recent vacation trip to Ft. Morgan, Ala., my GPS system, which I was glad to use, registered that they could even track my car underwater as we drove thru the Mobile tunnel!



New Orleans