Letter: Education gains deserve better play

I read with great interest the article published in The Advocate Wednesday, June 12. The title of the article was “La. students improve.” There were a number of tremendous statistics listed that showed tremendous growth in several areas of public education.

One of the more-interesting facts was that 800 teachers have signed up for training sessions that will qualify them to teach Advanced Placement courses. This is double the number of teachers that participated in this training last year.

All of these are great things. My question is, “Why is it on Page 8A (ironically, opposite the Obituary page) instead of on the front page?” Many of the things listed in this article give proof that the educators of this state are responding positively to the initiatives that the governor and the state superintendent of erducation have mandated. Why is this “success” hidden in the back of the paper?

Bob Wales


Baton Rouge