Letter: Advocate needs more world news

“UCLA beats LSU, 2-1.” Really, this is on the front page with huge headlines and an enormous picture? Not Obama’s change in position toward Syria? Not information on Iran’s new moderate president? What has happened to The Advocate?

I love my Tigers, but I also loved my near-world-class Advocate whose style, content, and design instilled pride in an area of the country that is still considered “backward.” Do you new editors too believe we in south Louisiana aren’t as concerned with world affairs as people of intelligence in other parts of the country?

Please, please restore The Advocate to its well-considered news placement design. I want to again feel that I live in a progressive, informed, and intelligent capital city, and not in some self-absorbed country-bumpkin town. By all means, tell us the outcomes of the Tigers’ and Jaguars’ games, but do so in the space left after reporting important world news that affects all of us.

R.D. McCandless

retired chemical sales

Baton Rouge