Our Views: Mayor eyes a new post

We’re not surprised that Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden is eyeing a possible run for lieutenant governor in 2015. He’s an energetic leader who might be expected to channel his political experience into another role. We’re glad, though, that Holden acknowledged the need to keep Baton Rouge’s ship of state on an even keel if he pursues statewide elective office while continuing to be the city’s mayor.

Holden, a Democrat, began his third mayoral term in January. The term ends on the last day of 2016, but if he is elected lieutenant governor, Holden would have to leave office a year early.

We’d be disappointed if Holden, who’s only a few months into his third term, neglected his mayoral duties while on the statewide campaign trail. “We still have a lot or work that we need to do here and I’m committed to doing that work and making sure that Baton Rouge is first, and campaigning is second,” the mayor said.

We hope that Holden makes good on that pledge if he decides to run for lieutenant governor.