Our Views: Mr. Richmond on the mound

There is more than one way to influence on Capitol Hill, and former Morehouse College standout Cedric Richmond is making the most of his second baseball career.

Richmond, perhaps better known as a congressman from New Orleans than as pitcher and hitter, led his fellow Democrats to a lopsided victory over the GOP at Nationals Park. It was a record, 22-0, for the 52 years of the annual baseball game sponsored by CQ Roll Call.

Just to rub it in, Richmond confessed to being ill on game day. “If it was high school or college, I wouldn’t dare try to get away with it,” he said. But he did, “making everyone else on the field look like the out-of-shape congressional amateurs that they are,” judged Roll Call.

While it’s all in fun, it’s also a great tradition in today’s deeply polarized political world. The congressional amateurs get to play in the big park and maybe learn to get along better.

Some humility on Capitol Hill also can’t hurt. Congratulations to this year’s winners and their New Orleans star.