Letter: New DHH secretary a home run

Gov. Bobby Jindal is not known for his hiring of qualified people in key positions, but he sometimes surprises us. By selecting Kathy Kleibert to succeed Bruce Greenstein as Department of Health and Hospitals secretary, Jindal has hit a home run.

Kleibert is everything the two previous secretaries were not — she’s honest, cares about her people and knows how DHH functions. Add to that she is “home-grown” and genuinely wants the best for our state. She has a huge job to do DHH is in a shambles because of Alan Levine and Bruce Greenstein.

I feel she can make significant progress in restoring morale at DHH and getting the department to function as it is supposed to. Contrary to popular belief, state workers do care about our state — we don’t leave the office, we live in it just as all citizens do.

Joseph Bouquet

retired state worker