Letter: Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinic

Louisiana does not need a new Planned Parenthood center in New Orleans. Planned Parenthood is a heavily taxpayer-subsidized (around 45 percent) organization, so Louisiana citizens should have a voice on whether this happens or not. Planned Parenthood claims the facility will be for “affordable, high-quality health care.” Who are they trying to fool? Planned Parenthood is about what its name says; it began in 1921 as the American Birth Control League.

And to an overwhelming degree, Planned Parenthood is about abortion. In 2010, the latest year for which statistics are available, Planned Parenthood snuffed out 333,964 lives, making it the largest abortion provider in America. Now as everyone knows, most Louisiana citizens are opposed to abortion. We have been ranked many times as the most pro-life state in America. Why, then, should we allow a giant new facility to open that supposedly is for health care, but would really just be a huge abortion clinic?

Some people may support this because they believe it will help reduce crime and other social problems. I hate to tell them, but “these people” that we are trying to get rid of, are people, too. In the eyes of God they are worth just as much as you and I So now we kill children in the womb — that’s our answer? We are a civilized society. Treating young people like animals, and killing their unborn children, is not worthy of Louisiana citizens. Let’s try some solutions which demand some responsibility from, and teach responsibility to, our young people. We may find that they learn to be better people.

But in the meantime, “Thou shalt not kill” is a good start. No exceptions.

Don Caffery


Baton Rouge