Our Views: Baker crash leaves questions

We’re sorry that the pilot of a private plane lost his life when the aircraft crashed into a Baker neighborhood, but we’re glad that no one else was physically harmed by the accident.

Authorities finished clearing debris from the crash this week, but many questions about the accident remain. We hope those questions are answered soon.

The plane clipped the roof of a home on Rue Nicole and crashed into two houses on Rue Jennifer shortly after the craft took off from the Baton Rouge Metro airport. Given the plane’s impact on three residences and its descent into a heavily populated area, the fact that no one else was killed seems like a miracle.

John Fowler of Brookhaven, Miss. was identified as the pilot of the plane. He was an experienced pilot who reported a problem with the aircraft shortly before it crashed. Investigators have released few other details.

We hope that a thorough investigation of the crash yields more answers about what happened. A big question at the heart of the investigation must involve whether the accident could have been prevented.

We’d like to think that mishaps like this can always be prevented, but unfortunately, even with the most stringent safety procedures, plane crashes can occur, and the neighborhoods near airports often take the brunt.

We’re relieved, in this case, that things weren’t much worse.