Letter: Let’s allow God back in our schools

Re: “Bills put religion in public schools,” June 5 issue.

A New Orleans teacher stated that the Science Education Act and the school voucher program are intended to introduce religion (Christianity) into public schools. He says that the pilgrims and others came to this land seeking freedom of religion. That is true.

But they did not come to experience freedom from religion.

Now that God has been removed from the schools, are things better as far as discipline and learning are concerned? Not from my observation. The Founding Fathers including our first president insisted that God had to be a central part of our republic. If he (God) ceased to be, that would be the end of the American republic.

Because God has been excluded in so many ways from public discourse, our culture has dramatically coursened. Students and adults, too, have little or no regard for those in authourity. Respect for others has been diminished.

This is a Christian nation founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and values. If acts of the legislators, which the teacher decries, will help restore our nation and its culture, then that is a good thing. We do not restrict the worship by minority religions. But neither they or the atheists have a right to restrict Christians.

Having God back in our schools and in public discourse is not a “Christian” thing. God is for all the people. Let’s once again give it a try.

Wayne Blankenship Jr.

oil and gas independent