Letter: We expect more from The Advocate

We realize that a change in ownership/management will bring changes in format and personnel, but it is disconcerting to see what has happened to the front page and Section A of The Advocate. We generally get the feeling that The Advocate is being transformed into primarily a local newspaper.

Major national stories are relegated to the inside of Section A. IRS hearings, cabinet members refusing testimony, Benghazi, terrorist attacks, and sarin use in Syria are given only an inch or two on an inside page, with no in-depth reporting. These items seem to be of little interest to The Advocate. This morning’s Advocate (June 7) is a good example. High school sports changes are given as front page news while the NSA phone records monitoring story is on Page 2. The latest development in the IRS investigations was pushed to Page 3.

We have been subscribers to The Advocate for many years and have become accustomed to finding significant national and major local stories on the front page, with the remainder of Section A presenting other national stories, and Section B devoted to local and state stories.

The front page lead story in The Advocate on May 27 announced “Zac Brown Band Closes Superfest” The 3-inch-high bold type was more befitting the announcement of the death of a president or declaration of war than the end of a concert.

At a time when daily newspapers are struggling to survive, it would seem to be good business to pay particular attention to front page headline stories. If it becomes necessary to receive national news from web media and TV broadcasts, there will be even less need for a printed paper.

Cathy and David Mixon

retired from LSU and retired teacher, respectively

Baton Rouge