Letter: Lesson of competition lost on LHSAA

Louisiana has a rich tradition of competition among our high school students regardless of admission policies. For many decades public and private students have faced off in everything from football to debate to livestock shows. No one seemed to care who went to what school. We simply embraced each other in the spirit of doing our best and letting the chips fall where they may. This teaches our children not to discriminate and that rewards in life come to those to who work hard and do their best.

Nothing embodied this spirit of open gamesmanship more than a good old-fashioned Louisiana high school football game. Unfortunately, this time-honored tradition is under tremendous threat by a select group of school principals who would rather change the rules than enforce them.

The recent decision by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association to split the playoffs between select and nonselect schools is not only a cop out by a few folks cowering to tough competition; it sends the wrong message. We should be teaching our kids to step up and compete. Instead the LHSAA tells them to step aside and let everyone get a trophy.

Jim Nickel


Baton Rouge