Letter: Ask PSC to rethink energy efficiency vote

In December, Louisiana’s Public Service Commission proposed statewide energy efficiency programs, similar to the very successful ones operating in New Orleans. These programs would have allowed homeowners and business owners across the state to access services and incentives to help lower their utility bills, with thousands of jobs being created in the process.

Unfortunately, the commission reversed itself in February (without allowing public comment), taking away the opportunity to move Louisiana out of its No. 43 ranking nationwide in terms of energy efficiency policy. Thanks to citizen watchdogs and economic advocates, the commission will revote on this issue on June 26, with the outcome deciding whether Louisiana will invest in energy-saving programs.

According to a recent report by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, these programs have the potential to save the residents of our state up to $4 billion in utility costs over the next 17 years. This translates into an exponentially greater economic impact, as cost savings are put back into local businesses and services. These energy efficiency programs also have the added benefit of creating up to 27,000 local jobs that can’t be outsourced.

It’s critical that before the next PSC meeting on June 26, Louisianians let the commissioners know that we don’t want the state to pass up a $4 billion opportunity. Contact your commissioner today: http://www.lpsc.louisiana.gov/commissioners.aspx

Camille Pollan

onprofit manager

New Orleans