Letter: It’s the right thing to do

Dr. Herbert Dyer’s letter, published in the May 14 Advocate, states that Dr. William Cassidy should be presenting to his constituents the facts on both sides of the complicated set of issues in health care. I agree.

Disclosure: I am not acquainted with either of these physicians and they would not know me from Adam.

Dr. Cassidy opposes the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

Disclosure: I am over 65 years old and enrolled in Medicare. I pay the preniums. Even although a former employer pays for supplemental insurance, I incur considerable other out-of-pocket costs.

Medicare reduces invoices of my medical providers by 40 percent or more, then pays 80 percent of the balance. The supplemental insurance pays the other 20 percent.

There is no more effective control on medical costs than Medicare. None!

To learn the plight of people who do not have Medicare or Medicaid, Dr. Dyer recommends that Dr. Cassidy read Steven Brill’s stunning exposition in Time Magazine, March 4.

If you care about medical costs, you should read it, too. If you or a friend do not have a copy, call the library. In the article, overcharging by medical providers is spelled out in detail. The amounts are gross, even beyond the inexcusable rates of interest charged by credit card companies.

Dr. Dyer states that he believes that access to health care is a moral problem with a moral solution. I believe that too.

If you agree, please urge Dr. Cassidy and Gov. Bobby Jindal to engage in a sincere effort to solve the problems.

Let us not have denial of medical help to children on our consciences.

John Earle


Baton Rouge