Letter: Victim’s mother expresses gratitude

My name is Joyce Zuvic. I’m from Houma and the mother of the murder victim in 1990 Tammy Laine Bowers. You have covered this story for many years.

I am writing you because I am pleading with you to please print this letter in your paper about one of my true heroes, Detective Tony Bacala. He was on her murder case until they finally found the murderers and they were convicted and locked up in prison for life.

He stood with this case for 22 years, not because it was a job for him, but because his heart and soul were in this case.

Our lawyer, Robin Obannon, was also included for working so hard on this case. She isn’t forgotten either.

My main reason for wanting this out is, so many people get closure once the case is over, But I want Bacala to know that he will never be forgotten in my heart and my soul because for the first time in 22 years I slept like a mother who’s lost a child should be able to sleep — in comfort and in peace — because Tony Bacala gave my family peace of mind. Finally, he and Robin Obannon put my daughter to rest for the first time in 22 years.

I want both Detective Tony Bacala and Robin Obannon to know I love them so much. I speak for all parents who have had to endure the pain we go through losing our children. I wish all detectives were like Bacala — a hard worker, a loving heart and a true soul!

God Bless you, Tony Bacala and Robin Obannon. You will always be part of our family.

Joyce Zuvich