Letter: The Corps flooded New Orleans

Thank you for the nice article by Scott Gold about Chef Greg Sonnier. Nice read.

However, if The Advocate is hoping to replace the Times-Picayune as our best-source newspaper, it would be helpful for all of the writers at your paper to become more knowledgable and accurate regarding the story about the floods that ravaged our city.

Unfortunately, too many reporters continue to use “Katrina” as a short-hand reference to the devastation of New Orleans suffered after the storm. It is important, for many reasons, that this mischaracterization of the disaster not continue.

It is well-established, documented and verified by the courts that it was not Hurricane Katrina, but rather the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who is to blame for the failure of the levees that drowned the city. These facts can be checked out in several places online, including http://www.levees.org.

In the future, I hope that you will identify the correct circumstances when referring to the horrible disaster that befell New Orleans. It is important, because many other communities are at the mercy of the Corps of Engineers’ decisions, and they should know that they are potentially as vulnerable as New Orleans.

Thanks for considering these observations regarding your article.

Jayne Avery

design consultant

New Orleans