Letter: Questions about breakaway district

I am writing in response to the opinion piece, “BR breakaway district not a done deal,” written by Will Sentell and published on May 18. In this column, Sentell gives the impression that he supports the breakaway district and he seems to characterize all opponents as “Democrats who are less inclined to favor big changes in public schools.”

I have two problems with this. First, the job of a reporter is to report facts and try to uncover the truth. If Sentell is so biased, how can the public trust that he is not slanting the news? Second, I am very conservative and a Republican, and I oppose the breakaway district.

When my kids were growing up, I stayed at home with them, and my husband worked. We were blessed to be able to do this. We are Catholic and both I and my sons went to public schools.

Here are some traditional conservative values and how they figure into this argument. I am pro-life. For me that means protecting kids while they are in the womb and when they are out. All children need a free and public education — that’s democracy. What is going to happen to all the kids who get kicked out of their schools? What is going to happen to the Catholic school students who rely on East Baton Rouge Parish school system buses to get to school? Local schools do not represent conservative family values. Why isn’t Sentell researching these issues?

Glenda Juneau


Baton Rouge