Letter: Blueprint Louisiana puts state on right track

Last year, the Louisiana Legislature enacted bold reforms for students across our state that attracted national attention and applause.

New laws seek to reward effective teachers for their efforts to improve student achievement, while empowering superintendents and principals to make decisions at the school level for what is best for kids.

Blueprint Louisiana stands with the 87 legislators who supported the important educational improvements in Act 1 last year, and we believe there is too much at stake to stand by and wait on the courts to make a final decision on the procedural steps followed in the bill’s passage.

Instead, we urge legislators to remain committed and vote again this year to re-enact laws that have the potential to positively affect the future of children and this state.

A March survey indicates more than 62 percent of Louisiana voters support the provisions of Act 1. At the same time, the state announced that Louisiana’s high school students are now graduating in record numbers.

We recognize that change is incredibly difficult, but we believe that we are on the right track. Blueprint Louisiana looks forward to standing with the Legislature to again take the bold and necessary steps to ensure high-quality schools for all students.

James E. Maurin, chairman

Blueprint Louisiana