Letter: What’s Holloway’s motivation?

This letter is in response to Public Service Commissioner Clyde Holloway’s newest attack on people who have purchased and installed solar energy generating systems and opted to continue to be connected to the power grid.

Holloway alleges customers who can’t afford solar systems (the poor) are paying a disproportionate share of the costs of building and maintaining transmission lines, substations and the like.

He wants to increase the rate the electric companies in Louisiana can charge for the privilege to be connected to the electric grid from $10 a month to $50 or $60 a month for those who have solar systems and remain connected to the power grid.

He also wants to change the net-metering system in order to enhance the profits of the utility companies.

Let’s be clear. Most people who have solar systems do not have systems with enough panels to generate all their power needs, either because of lack of space in which to install enough panels or because they cannot afford a bigger system.

I have a system and still pay $75 to $90 a month on electricity.

If Holloway was serious, he would include in his attack, an attack on owners of hunting and/or fishing camps. Camps are hooked up to the electrical grid year-round but do not use electricity year-round, only during hunting/fishing seasons.

Why doesn’t Holloway want the owners of those camps to pay extra for the privilege to be connected to the grid? Will Holloway next target people who try to conserve energy and as a result do not have high electric bills?

I would like to know where Holloway got these great ideas to attack people such as me, remove the incentives to utilize solar energy and further line the pockets of big utilities.

Did the thoughts come to him in a vision? Have the poor people who are subsidizing people with solar systems hooked to the grid contacted Holloway and demanded that he stop this outrage? Or did some electric energy CEO contact Holloway and somehow induce him to press these initiatives?

I am calling for an investigation by the U.S. Attorney General’s Office, the Governor’s Office, the Louisiana Legislature and Congress to determine if Holloway’s motives are pure or if his actions are motivated by something other than a sense of fairness for the poor.

After all, through his proposals, Holloway suggests that he is more intelligent and knows what is better for the people and the environment than all of the members of Congress, state legislators, the governor of Louisiana and the U.S. president, who enacted the laws to encourage alternative fuels and have made it affordable for citizens such as me to invest in solar energy. We the people need to find his inspiration.

Ken Thompson


Denham Springs