Letter: Keep up the good work, Metro Council!

I would like to personally commend and thank the East Baton Rouge Parish Metropolitan Council for recently questioning the contract related to the St. Louis and St. Ferdinand Streets Roadway Improvements Project. I believe the Metro Council needs to continue to review and question all questionable items that are on the Metro Council’s agenda. I think there are a lot of questionable items on almost every agenda.

Personally, I do not want a council that consists of “yes” men and women who just give blanket approvals to items on the agenda. I prefer that the council members continue to lean on the side of protecting the tax funds and the rights of the people in East Baton Rouge Parish. We elect council members to represent us and to watch over our tax funds, and often to decide how those tax funds are being spent. I say, let the council perform the job they were elected to do, and let’s not criticize them when they do their jobs correctly.

Maybe the council can also look over other questionable projects in this parish that use either federal or local funding. I believe a lot of our existing national debt problems can be solved at the local-government level by eliminating wasteful local spending of federal tax dollars. It also goes without saying that the Metro Council can also solve many of the problems with how our local tax funds are being spent. You made a good decision on this item, Metro Council, and please keep up the good work in the future.

phillip lillard

telecom consultant

Baton Rouge